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Letter of the Xavante community to the Brazilian society

During ECO92, we started to fight for our land, the land of the Marãiwatsédé. In this region, the ancestrals, our great-grandparents have lived on the land. This region is the origin of the people of Marãiwatsédé. In this so beloved land the people of Marãiwatsédé was created. Now the eviction of the intruders has begun. […]

Sign the petition: President Dilma, give the Xavante people back their land

Twenty years. This marks not only the time between Eco 92 and Rio+20, but also the time that the Xavante people- an indigenous group in Brazil- have been waiting to reclaim their traditional land, Maraiwatsede. At the time, in 1992, leader Cacique Damião Paridzané publicly accepted the donation by Agip, the Italian gas company who […]

Chief Damião Paridzané at Rio Centro and letter to President Dilma

Rio de Janeiro – This thursday, indigenous chief Damião Paridzané will be at the Rio Centro to demand the fulfillment of the promise to remove the invaders from the Marãiwatsédé Indigenous Land (Matro Grosso, Brazil). The Xavante people were removed from there in 1966 by the military government. Damião was in Eco 92 to demand […]

Marãiwatsédé mourning

While leaders in Rio + 20 Xavante press for immediate exit from attackers who ravage Marãiwatsédé, one more child dies for malnutrition in the village, in Mato Grosso. Rio de Janeiro – it was with regret that in Rio + Marãiwatsédé, Xavante 20 received the news that a 10-month-old baby died by malnutrition in the […]

No negotiations: “I want my granddaughter alive in Marãiwatsédé”

The Xavante people return to Rio to demand the execution of promises made during Eco92. Rio de Janeiro – “My show was taking of the air because one day the director asked my: who cares about Brazilian Indians? I never felt so constrained”, said actor Marcos Palmeira, who actively participated of the debate on the […]

Understanding the problem

“Justice was never so demoralized as now”. Chief Damian Paridzané, from Marãiwatsédé. During a hearing at the House of Representatives, Dilma’s national secretary of social articulation, Paulo Maldos, acknowledged that a solution for the injustices that have affected the Xavante people from Marãiwatsédé during the past 46 years, can not be delayed. Understand why the […]

Marãiwatsédé: the Xavante people can’t wait another 20 years

The Xavante people will go to Rio+20 to demand that Brazil fulfills its promise from Rio 92: to return the indigenous land Marãiwatsédé to them, which has been invaded and devastated by ranchers. Its located in the basin of the Xingu and Araguaia rivers, in the Mato Grosso state. In 2012, the promise to return […]