Marãiwatsédé mourning

Xavante children in Marãiwatsédé are the most vulnerable to health care deficiencies. Image: Adriano Gambarini/OPAN

While leaders in Rio + 20 Xavante press for immediate exit from attackers who ravage Marãiwatsédé, one more child dies for malnutrition in the village, in Mato Grosso. Rio de Janeiro – it was with regret that in Rio + Marãiwatsédé, Xavante 20 received the news that a 10-month-old baby died by malnutrition in the village, in northeastern Mato Grosso. This is the second death in two months. Children, along with the elderly, are the most vulnerable to indigenous health care deficiencies.

For years the Xavante people of Marãiwatsédé claims assistance improvements in public services. In may, they denounced the Federal Public Ministry in Mato Grosso that health units of townships closest to the village, as São Félix do Araguaia, Alto Boa Vista, Bom Jesus do Araguaia, Ribeirão Cascalheira, Canarana and good water often boycott indigenous care Marãiwatsédé. “Children suffering from diarrhoea, vomiting and pneumonia because we consume water from polluted streams,” complains the cacique Damian Paridzané.

In December last year, had already sought the MPF Xavante to denounce that planes poured daily pesticides in crops that exist within the indigenous land and nearby the village, causing respiratory disease in much of the community over the next few days. Of the approximately 200 children zero to five years who live today in Marãiwatsédé, more than half suffer from malnutrition. This is an unfortunate consequence of the very serious situation of food insecurity, as experienced by the Xavante people. “When a patient leaves the village, does not have support for feed as well. This does not happen only in Marãiwatsédé. It is a situation of abandonment of indigenous peoples. When this will improve? “

Because of its territory invaded, the indigenous peoples are threatened and prevented from enjoying the few remaining forest resources in 165 thousand hectares approved by Union since 1988. On the other hand, the devastation of the area meant that hunting and fishing disappear that recourse to shrink. Occupying an area ravaged by illegal occupation, the traditional cultivation becomes too damaged.

Marãiwatsédé is known as the most devastated indigenous Amazon as a result of invasion of landowners, started during the Rio92, shortly after the verbal commitment of the Italian company Agip Petroli territory back to their real and legitimate owners, removed by force from there in 1966. At the time, officials from Agip own, farmers and local politicians orquestraram invasion and land auction at Marãiwatsédé.

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